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Hook and Loop

Ribbon & Rope offers various types of hook and loop tapes such as sewable, adhesive, elastic and back to back. The items on stock are available in black and white and in widths from 16 mm up to 100 mm. If you need other colours or widths, please let us know and we will inform you about the possibilities.

Custom Hook & Loop on Request

In addition to our standard collection, Ribbon & Rope can also develop products for you. Are you looking for a new hook and loop tape or do you want a product with specific features or a special appearance, don’t hesitate to fill in our custom product form!

Industrial hook-and-loop tapes: we offer a lot of choices

What many people do not know is that industrial hook-and-loop tapes can be used for many more things than just in shoes. Industrial hook-and-loop tapes fit in seamlessly with our wide range of cords, ribbons and elastics – just to name a few. And as you have come to expect from us, we have a very wide offer, and we can deliver quickly from stock. Check out our offer and do not forget to take a closer look at all our other products.

We have black and white hook-and-loop on stock in many widths

We have different types of hook-and-loop, i.e. the sewable, adhesive, elastic and back to back tapes. We have black and white on stock. Any special wishes? Just make them known to us! We can imagine that you do not like standard colours and that you would like a different colour of hook-and-loop. Well, just bring it up. We don’t shy away from any challenge and always try to find a suitable solution. And believe us, in most cases we succeed. Contact us if you need hook-and-loop in a different width or colour. By the way, this applies not only to our hook-and-loop, but to all our products. Our standard collection is always available in large quantities from stock. As a result, orders placed before 3 p.m., will be shipped the same day. By choosing us, you know that you will always get the best in tape, elastic, cord, zippers, fabrics and countless accessories that make our most important products a lot easier to use. We have a standard collection, but we also deliver customized products if required. In the sailing industry, the carpet trade, the sports world and even within the agricultural sector, our products are used extensively, just as you would find them in almost any interior.

Many types of hook and loop fasteners

We offer hooks, loops, flame retardant hooks, flame retardant loops, elastic hooks and back-to-back fasteners. Clearly, this in itself gives you quite a bit to choose from. All our fasteners are also available in different colours and widths. Buying a fastener from us means buying a reliable product for bonding two pieces of fabric together. It is an easy way of closing and popular for children’s shoes, for example.

For many applications

Our hook and loop fasteners are regarded as high-quality and professional fasteners, ideal for display boards and large format prints and used in various industries. There is, for instance, the clothing industry, interiors and the carpet industry – you will come across these fasteners in more places than you think. Shoes are and always will be the best example, but you’re also looking at jackets, gloves, handbags as well as couches and tents, for example.

Always fast deliver

Generally, our fasteners are made of the best nylon, a material that also goes by the name of polyamide. The product is excellent for bonding onto polyester and is UV-stable. Our hook and loop fasteners are good and strong, and always meet expectations. In the meantime, we may certainly consider ourselves an important player in the market for industrial fasteners. Outside of our perennially wide range, our stock management system also receives great praise, and we try to deliver all of our products as quickly as possible. We understand that you want to get your ordered products fast, so will always try to serve you as quickly as possible.

View our large collection

Although we always deliver the best quality, we always offer our products at a competitive price and, if required, we can provide customised solutions. This can be done in various areas and it is wise to always ask. No is an answer we do not like to give. We do not shy away from any challenge. So take a look at the large selection of hook and loop fasteners and also check out our other products while you’re at it. They are all worth having a look

About Ribbon & Rope

With our wide variety of products, we have built up a solid reputation over the past 30 years. It gives us great pride. That is precisely why we are always available for the best advice. Our employees combine expertise with experience, and this produces the best results. So don’t hesitate to ask if you can’t find a certain product. By the way, it is worth visiting our website regularly. In recent years, we have succeeded in bringing hundreds of new products onto the market and we will continue to do so. So let us surprise you with our ever-changing and ever-growing range.

Innovative and dynamic

When existing customers are asked what they consider to be our strengths, it is not unusual for them to mention the fact that we are constantly offering new products. It is something we are very pleased about, because we are always trying to innovate. It would, therefore, be a wonderful challenge to develop something unique for you, too. Developments in the field of hook and loop fasteners never stop. On the contrary, if you take a look at our range, you will see that we experiment quite a bit with the materials we use. Take, for instance, the mushroom and velour hook and loop fasteners. We explain the advantages of these new materials elsewhere on this website. Standing still is going backwards. We are well aware of this, which is why we never stand still and why we continue to be this dynamic company.